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SVP Flight Operations

  • flydubai - 9 jobs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Senior Vice President Flight Operations (SVPFO) is a Nominated Post Holder for Flight Operations CAR-OPS 1.240, FLT 1.1.2(i), (ii), (iii), FLT 1.3.2(i), (ii).

The SVP Flight Operations is responsible to the Accountable Manager/COO for the management, operational control, and support of all flydubai’s flight operations. The SVP Flight Operations has the final authority in determining whether a proposed flight can be made in accordance with national and international requirements and in accordance with flydubai’s AOC.


Key Activities

1. Nominated Post Holder for Flight Operations.

2. Management and supervision of all flight operation activities.

3. Ensure flydubai holds appropriate approvals to conduct any and all flight operations.

4. Provide an operational input to the construction of the business plan, co-ordinate and lead the flight operations management team.

5. Establish policies, rules, procedures, and instructions governing flydubai aircraft and flight crew.

6. Establish operational safety and security procedures related to the conduct and supervision of flight operations in conjunction with the Senior Manager Security and the Senior Manager Safety.

7. Ensure employees under his chain of command recognize and comply with aviation regulations and standards

8. Ensure all operations comply with the Air Operator Certificate (AOC), applicable regulatory and legal requirements and company standards over routes and areas for which the aircraft are equipped and capable and the termination or diversion of any flight that may cease to do so

9. Manage safety risks and security threats to aircraft operations in the respective defined operational areas.

10. Ensure that Flight Operations staff has the appropriate resources and training consistent with a safe and economical operation.

11. Review and approval for categorization of aerodromes and the issuance or approval of all general and specific operating minima for use in flydubai’s operations.

12. Setting, monitoring and controlling operational standards of efficiency, safety, training w leading and motivating management personnel in the achievement of these tasks.

13. Review and approval of amendments to all Flight Operations Manuals, when required.

14. Representing flydubai in all matters related to AOC and Flight Operations with regulatory authorities within and outside the UAE, with advisory bodies, other operators and with aircraft manufacturers.

15. Determine and manage the appropriate levels of manpower and resources within the Flight Operations department. Authorize the staff recruitment for management, support, administration, flight crew, and other operations personnel as required.

16. Monitoring the investigation of accidents, incidents and occurrences and the development of any recommendations that may arise.

17. Leading and motivating all employees within the Flight Operations department to promote safety awareness and actively encourage open reporting and feedback

18. Perform a Quality Control function by routinely monitoring the output of the Flight Operations Department.

19. In conjunction with the SVP Crew Training (SVPCT), maintaining the technical and operating standards of all crew members.

20. In conjunction with the SVPCT, establish qualification requirements for recruitment, identifying candidates for promotion and making recommendations in this regard to the COO/AM.

21. In conjunction with the SVPCT, establish appropriate training programs in respect of conversion, remedial and command training where the amount of training may be varied according to the circumstances and submitting reports, when necessary, to the GCAA.

22. In conjunction with the SVP Engineering and Maintenance (SVPEM), liaising with external suppliers regarding third-party products relating to aircraft performance, weight and balance, flight planning and other matters relating to the operation of flydubai's aircraft.

23. Liaising with the Divisional Head of Maintenance and Engineering (DHME) concerning any modifications and configuration changes to flydubai’s aircraft, particularly those resulting in changes to weight and balance data and ensuring the resulting amendments to operating documentation and data are promulgated.

24. Maintain close working relations with Human Resources in order that company policies remain aligned and best practice is assured in all related endeavors for the provision of resources of management staff, support staff, administrative staff and flight crew.

25. Evaluate risk, along with Senior Manager Crew Scheduling, to ensure acceptable level of safety is applied to flight duty periods.


Full time

Posted 14 Jan 2020

Closes 12 Jun 2020

Ref: 19000339-1

This job was posted to: Flight operations

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