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What are the range of jobs available at an airport?

What are the range of jobs available at an airport?

There are plenty of jobs available at your local airport, regardless of the fact that you didn’t train as a pilot or take an aerospace engineering degree. Airports need every type of worker that any company does – from sales to marketing to procurement to catering to finance. So, if your area of expertise falls within this realm, rest assured that there are airport jobs out there for you too!

So, just what kind of jobs do airports need?

As we said before, airports have a wide range of important jobs to fill. Perhaps your professional background is managerial or administrative, or perhaps it is culinary or customer-facing. Whatever your knowledge base and previous experience, you’ll be needed at some level!

Depending on the size of the site, airport management teams can require hundreds of employees. Administrative staff are needed throughout the company, whether they’re supporting finance, HR, customer services or cleaning teams. Managerial and senior positions are just as necessary to co-ordinate these areas so that they work well without disruption to passengers. Finally, top-level roles involve directorship of operations. These are platinum-level jobs with the workload and salary to match!

What kind of person do I need to be for this kind of work?

Any of the areas mentioned require dedication and diligence. Airports are busy, busy places and potentially dangerous to boot. Support staff need to keep on top of the important checks to ensure both passengers and our country are safe! Therefore, attention to detail is key. Moreover, there are a mass of different areas to reconcile into one, well-oiled machine so you definitely need to be able to communicate well and get on with everyone involved, whether they’re passengers or colleagues. Finally, the sheer scale of the whole operation means that workers with an eye for efficiency and common sense will go a long way – anything and anyone that can make the airline simpler and more effective will always be welcomed.

How do I get into this line of work?

Entry-level jobs need a few good GCSEs -particularly those that show your literacy and numeracy. Any prior experience in your relevant area will help your case too. For senior roles, this experience will be especially important. Ideally, you will have proved your worth beforehand and be on the lookout for new roles that allow you to really blossom. Senior managerial roles require years of experience and likely some further study. It’s probable that you have a degree in Business or a high-level NVQ that demonstrates your ability to handle large caseloads and analyse tricky situations. If you don’t, get ready to work towards something similar on the job. Remember, your prior managerial experience may not be in airline work but that’s okay – business is business, after all!

Where will I work and how much will I earn?

Airlines are everywhere. Whether you’re near a big city and therefore close to one of the well-known names, or a little further out and near a smaller, more local airport, there will be roles available for you and your area of specialisation. Salaries for the above-suggested roles are of course varied, but in-line with what you’d expect in any avenue of work in our current economy.

Let’s get started!

So, if you’re ready to start your airport career, just go to our search page now to find the best airport support jobs near you. There’s a real variety out there and we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your eye and tickles your fancy. Best of luck to you and get searching now!

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