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How do I find a job as cabin crew?

How do I find a job as cabin crew?

Everyone has their ideas about what it’s like to work as a member of cabin crew and we’re here to fill you in on the facts. Whether ‘trolley dollies’ spring to mind or the idea of indulging your wanderlust, read on to find out exactly what this high-flyin’ job needs

Why work as a member of cabin crew?

For those that have great sales skills, the commission earned from in-flight sales can make a tasty addition to your monthly salary. Not only that, but there are a variety of senior positions to work towards and there’s always the chance to earn free and discounted flights!

How do I prepare to apply for this kind of work?

Some applicants may choose to study for relevant NVQs and BTECs; others may have completed courses or degrees in related areas like Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism, Modern Languages and Travel. At the very minimum, you need several GCSEs at C and above and, of course, your English and Maths must equate to a C at GCSE – this is non-negotiable.


What kind of person suits this work?

Cabin crew jobs are pretty demanding: you need to be flexible and adaptable; to genuinely enjoy working with people; to be resilient, and able to diffuse and manage potential (or painfully real!) emergency situations. You’ll be working in a tight space with a small team so you also need to be able to pull your weight, communicate clearly and get on well with others.

Are there restrictions to who can work in these jobs?

Yes, indeed, there are! On the whole, you need to be between 5’2 and 6’2 with weight that is proportional to your height. You need to have good, colour-normal vision (although glasses and contact lenses are allowed), good hearing, and nothing health-related that could incapacitate you.

Moreover, you will need to be over 18 (sometimes, 21), hold a valid passport, be able to swim 25 metres, have no visible tattoos (or no tattoos at all!) and minimal piercings. It is also important that you live within 90 minutes’ travel from the airport, and are able to to travel there under your own steam at any time of the day as shift cover is commonly needed.

Okay, that’s fine….what will the job be like?

As mentioned above, the main bulk of your job is safety checks, customer service and sales. Your shift will start with briefing, pre-flight checks, safety checks, directing customers and giving information. In-flight, you will serve food and drink, sell duty-free products, reassure passengers and generally be a friendly and available face to all concerned. Post-flight, there’s disembarkation to direct, paperwork to fill out and a flight report to submit.

And how much can I earn?

You start at approx. £12-13K / $19K but, as you gain experience, your salary will rise to something around £15-18K ($29K). Senior cabin crew staff earn a salary of around £20K ($30K+). Some airlines offer bonuses for successfully completing your first year and some tout £25K ($41K) as a potential second-year salary.

So how do I get started?

This is a great job if you have a real enjoyment of working with the public and persuasive skills to sell that in-flight perfume and whiskey. Alongside a lust for travel, these skills will make this career option a winner for you. To get a feel for the vacancies out there, search here now to narrow down some suitable roles for you and get applying. Good luck!

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