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Airport jobs guide

For a sense of adventure every day, you might be interested in airport jobs! Airports transport a huge number of passengers and, when you add in the security, customer service and logistics, it’s easy to see why there are so many interesting airport jobs available. Here, we’ve many listed right now! From passenger service agents and baggage hand ...

Posted 04 Apr 2015

Airline jobs guide

Finding yourself an airline job allows for a great deal of flexibility. If you’re interested in this kind of work, you’d better love working with the public and making sure that everything goes smoothly because when you’re involved with transporting thousands of people a day, you need to pay attention, work hard and remember to smile! From cabin ...

Posted 04 Apr 2015

Aircraft engineering job guide

Aircraft engineering jobs are perfect for those with a combination of a good foundation in maths and science, as well as a propensity for getting your hands dirty! Not only that, but you’ll need a hound-like persistence in attention to detail, as ensuring safety is crucial if you want to work with planes. When you’re responsible for the safety of ...

Posted 04 Apr 2015

Aerospace engineering job guide

Aerospace engineering is best for those who truly adore aircraft. Work concerns research, building, designing and testing aircraft, spacecraft and satellites in all kinds of places, which helpfully means plenty of jobs! If you’re looking for aerospace engineering jobs or information about working in the aerospace engineering industry, you’ve come ...

Posted 04 Apr 2015

A rough guide to maintenance engineering jobs at airports

The demand for trained engineers at airports is many and varied! With so much machinery involved, and with such expectation on the staff to get it right first time, every time, there’s a wealth of roles out there for engineers champing at the bit to master the diverse technical challenges concerned.

Posted 29 Sep 2014