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Working cabin crew isn’t all fun and games

If you are looking for a glamorous job, becoming a flight attendant sounds like one of the best options out there. You get a jet-setting lifestyle, you are traveling far and wide, and you get tons of perks.

Posted 27 Jan 2016

How To Get Hired as a Maintenance Engineer Contractor

While some jobs do not require much training and workers are plentiful, the field of aircraft engineering enjoys no such luxury. The complexity of the job – maintaining the airworthiness of airplanes by keeping them in sound mechanical and flying condition – requires extensive training and experience.

Posted 27 Jan 2016

Is the life of a long-haul pilot for you?

If you have been a pilot for any length of time or if you are considering becoming a pilot, you know there are various pilot jobs you can take. You can work for a small, regional airline or you can aim for the big time and find a job with a major airline flying large passenger jets.

Posted 27 Jan 2016

Aircraft Mechanics – More Than You Think

When most people think of a career in the aviation field, they likely think of pilot jobs. These, after all, are the glamour jobs. Becoming a pilot, though, is not necessarily attainable for everyone. There are several other routes into airline jobs if you determine that becoming a pilot will not work for you: in-flight attendance, maintenance engi ...

Posted 25 Jan 2016

How to become an airline pilot

Carl Rackman details the civilian training process, as it remains the most likely access route for most people to find a flying job in the airline industry.

Posted 25 Jan 2016