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How Much Does Autopilot Govern Flying Aircraft?

Autopilot is a system designed to allow the flight of an aircraft without hands on control. But how much are pilots really relying on this?

Posted 02 Aug 2017

September 11th 2001 - The Day That Changed My Life

People who succeed in the industry are the ones who know they are going to make it. They don’t mind setbacks. They don’t give up when every avenue is exhausted. They just regroup, recharge and launch off again.

Posted 30 Jun 2017

What makes Heathrow one of the world's biggest airports?

We look at the figures behind London Heathrow Airport following approval of plans for a third runway

Posted 16 Jan 2017

Aviation jobs you may not have considered

Airline careers are taking off! The airline industry is exciting, vibrant and diverse. There are hundreds of job tracks available including ground-based, air-based and office positions. Rewarding, fulfilling jobs are waiting for you regardless of your experience or education level. Interested in learning more about opportunities within the aviati ...

Posted 23 Mar 2016

So you want to be an aerospace engineer?

Many times when someone is trying to explain a simple concept to you, they will use the common phrase, “It’s not rocket science!” That saying implies that rocket science does indeed exist, and with aerospace engineering (the study of the research, design, construction, testing and maintenance of both aircraft and spacecraft), you have stumbled u ...

Posted 27 Jan 2016