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How To Become Cabin Crew

Patricia Green explains how to prepare for the role, and what it really takes to become great cabin crew.

Posted 16 Oct 2017

The History Of Women In Aviation

Carl Rackman investigates the history of women in aviation, and the tribulations they've faced for equality in the field.

Posted 29 Sep 2017

How Essential Is Crew Resource Management To Flight Safety?

Carl Rackman discusses the importance of Crew Resource Management (CRM), and the danger of negative attitudes towards this.

Posted 24 Aug 2017

How Much Does Autopilot Govern Flying Aircraft?

Autopilot is a system designed to allow the flight of an aircraft without hands on control. But how much are pilots really relying on this?

Posted 02 Aug 2017

September 11th 2001 - The Day That Changed My Life

People who succeed in the industry are the ones who know they are going to make it. They don’t mind setbacks. They don’t give up when every avenue is exhausted. They just regroup, recharge and launch off again.

Posted 30 Jun 2017