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50 Reasons Why Pilots Have the Best Job

50 Reasons Why Pilots Have the Best Job

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to be a pilot, we are here to tell you that it’s a fantastic career choice. Flying the friendly skies isn’t just a marketing slogan – while there are downsides to a pilot’s life (as there are with any career), flying will meet and exceed your expectations for your working life.

Our list of reasons to find a pilot job go beyond just your pilot salary (although you can be paid well). Read through our top 50 reasons why pilots have the best jobs and then see if you’re not persuaded. (Once you read through this list, go check our listings of the latest pilot jobs – you might be inspired to apply today!)

Here we go …

1. It beats the heck out of driving. If you need take a four-hour trip by car, a pilot can make the trip in a small plane in about a third of the time. Passenger jets are even faster for long trips.

2. You become a member of an exclusive group of people. Only about 0.2 pecent of the American population has a pilot’s license. If you become a pilot, you can be one of them.

3. Flying scratches that itch that nothing else can. Soaring into the bright blue sky, the ground falling away beneath you – there’s nothing else like it.


4. You develop an entirely different perspective on things. If you need a reality check, flying reminds you how small you are in a vast universe.

5. Flying gives you great think time. There’s no better place to get away from it all. The drone of the engine clears your mind and you can think in brand new way.

6. You earn a sense of accomplishment. Not many people have done what you have. You are skilled and you are putting your skill to good use.

7. It’s a lifelong adventure. Flying doesn’t get old. Find a group of older pilots and you’ll get tons of great stories. One day, you’ll be the one telling the fantastic stories.

8. You become a better person. You become more disciplined, more tolerant of others, more aware of what’s going on around you, and a better leader.

9. Flying makes you smarter. You will gain knowledge you never realized was available, and you will learn to think in a new way.

10. You will become a better decision-maker. Flying is all about making decisions, often in a quick manner. The more you fly, the better you will be at navigating those decisions.

11. It’s exciting! Feeling the power beneath you as the mighty machine takes off into the sky is a rush like you can’t describe. A successful landing is the same!

12. You appreciate history. Think about the Wright Brothers and how they weren’t sure if they would live or die when they started flying the first models of their planes.

13. There’s nothing like the first time you take a solo flight. When you’re aloft, you will realize you are the only one who can get you back home. When you successfully do so, well, that’s a rush!

14. You learn more about yourself. You learn what your limits are, when you can expand them, when you need to stay within them and how your respond to many different situations.

15. You fly when, where and how you want, without having to depend on others. This can make life much easier for you.

16. You will lose any fear of heights you might have had. You really don’t have much option when you’re thousands of feet in the air.

17. You can find some pretty nifty pilot jobs just about anywhere you want to go, including any state in the U.S. and just about any country in the world. (Look at our latest pilot jobs on our job listing board!)

18. The destinations. Whether you are traveling around your region, your country or the world, you will experience the joy of experiencing new places.

19. You get to share your passion with friends and family. As a private pilot, you’ll have people begging you for rides, and what pilot can resist showing off a little?

20. It’s a challenge. If becoming a pilot was easy, everyone would do it. As it is, the challenge is part of the fun and it’s what makes being a pilot rewarding.

21. You broaden your cultural perspective. Flying gives you quick access to dozens of other cultures, where you can develop a new appreciation for cultures besides your own.

22. It’s in your blood. As a pilot, you can’t really explain the compulsion you feel to fly. You just know you have to do it, so why fight the urge?

23. You can’t beat the view. This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one else gets a better view than pilots, whether you’re flying over land or sea.

24. You never stop learning. As a pilot, you will undergo continuous training, education and learning new skills. You have to stay on top of your field, and you will always be learning.

25. You will be well-paid. As a commercial pilot, you have a valuable set of skills. When you use those skills, you can be handsomely rewarded when you get your paycheck. You can do well on a pilot’s salary.

26. You have a good career path laid out for you. You can progress through the ranks from officer to captain to check and training captain to management.

27. Fun. Do we really need to elaborate on this? Every kid dreams of what it would be like to soar and fly. As a pilot, you get to do just that.

28. You have a fantastic sense of freedom. As a pilot, you get to slip the surly bonds of earth, and the freedom you feel as you climb above the clouds is more than most get to experience.

29. You get to make great friends. As part of a flight crew that spends a lot of time together, you will get to know each other well.

30. Working together as a team with the rest of your crew is rewarding. You’ve got each other’s backs, and that’s always a good feeling.

31. You develop leadership skills. As the pilot, you are in charge of the plane. Leading everyone else on board is a skill that will develop as you become more experienced.

32. Getting a pilot’s license has never been easier. A new license from the FAA called a Sport Pilot’s license doesn’t have all the requirements of a traditional pilot’s license.

33. You finally get to use all your high school math and science. You’ll use these skills in real world applications such as figuring out how far your plane can fly and how much fuel it will use.

34. Learn important skills you can use in other areas of life. The decision-making skills we mentioned earlier translate well to all the other arenas where you operate.

35. When you’re off, you’re off. Your time off isn’t filled with phone calls, catching up on emails or settling office drama. You leave the flight at the airport and head home to enjoy your family.

36. You learn responsibility. Pilots have to know when they must get rest, when they cannot drink alcohol and a thousand other responsibilities.

37. The uniform. Enough said.

38. Flight benefits. As a pilot, you get travel benefits even when you’re not working. You can’t beat the cheap or free flights and easy access to worldwide destinations.

39. You’ve got the power. The plane is under your command, and whatever you say, goes. You’re the law.

40. Your family can travel with you. One of your job perks is to bring your family along on vacation trips at a greatly reduced rate or even for free. Take advantage.

41. You learn how to get along with people. Building relationships with your co-pilot, flight crew and even passengers is critical to doing your job well.

42. You can pick where you live. Jobs are available anywhere, so take your pick of beach, mountains or anywhere in between.

43. Age is not an employment issue. As long as you stay fit, you don’t have to worry about losing your edge as a commercial airline pilot.

44. You get to meet all kinds of people. You have new passengers every day and your travels always bring you into contact with new people.

45. You can have a flexible schedule. Depending on the type of pilot job you have, you could enjoy significant blocks of time off or flexible working hours.

46. You’re not stuck behind a desk. Your office is the world, not just a soulless cubicle.

47. It’s your dream. You’ve always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and who can really put a price tag on that?

48. You can sound knowledgeable when you throw words like “base leg”, “sectional” and “knots” into everyday conversations.

49. You’re making use of all that time spent playing video games as a kid. Flying isn’t a game, but the hand-eye coordination and ability to focus are skills that transfer.

50. You get to experience ultimate job satisfaction. Landing a plane filled with passengers is as satisfying as it gets.


While you really only need one good reason to become a pilot, we have given you 50 of the best reasons. Now that you have decided to search for your own pilot job, we wish you the best of luck in your career. A great place to start is on our job board with our listing of the latest pilot jobs. Good luck!

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